Horse Training

100 Days of Redemption: Days 61-70

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and that you are not your own? For you have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

Day 61: Today we rode in the polo field and we got her leads every time – Yay! This was our big test: we’ve been working on it in the arena where a rail helps get the lead by acting as a hard outside rein.

Getting ready to swim

Day 62: We rode bareback today and were accompanied by friends Jerry and Windy on their first trail ride at Bryan Station Farm. Demi was a gem and sweet as can be. Next, a group of us continued the hack and switched horses.

Leading the Way

My friend, Sarah Butwin got on Redemption for the first time, and we hacked around the farm. Then we all went into the creek; it was Redemption’s first time and the water came up to their bellies!

Demi was amazing: she led the way and eventually was swimming with no problem.

Day 63: Redemption was phenomenal on our ride in the polo field today. Initially she wanted to blow through her shoulder again when I asked for the canter, but I used firm outside rein and she understood and responded. We ended in the indoor arena and worked on our lateral movements including shoulder-in, haunches in and leg-yield.

Day 64: This morning we rode in the indoor arena, and Redemption had no problems cantering all the way around the ring. She surprised me with enough balance for two smaller canter circles. It was a very motivated day, and we were doing exercises like leg-yielding across the whole arena, shoulder-in half way down the arena, ride a 10-m circle, and haunches-in.

Day 65: Started our ride today hacking around the polo field a bit with Autumn and Elek, and ended with our lateral movements in the indoor arena. The below video shows shoulder-in, haunches-in, and leg-yield. Instagram Video Here

Day 66: Redemption ponied Windy about half a mile from the field to the barn today. They are both mares that initially pin their ears at other horses, so it took some coaxing for them to get along. Redemption objected at first, but was good even with Windy less than pleased the whole ride up. Then I rode Demi outside with Elek, and she cantered both ways without a hitch. We practiced obedience by riding with Elek and away from him.

Day 67: Autumn and Tatum joined us across the street at the outdoor arena today. All 3 of us took Redemption over jumps; she got excited about it, but was pretty awkward over the jumps – definitely more of a dressage pony.

Day 68: I rode Redemption bareback today and practiced our dressage test for next weekend. She was a very good girl and listened very well, she has a way of making me more and more proud of her every day.

Demi now has SHOES! So fancy – thank you James for your patience with us! James made the shoes with us so Demi had lots of time to get used to all of the new sounds, and smells. She was darn near perfect with her front feet, but not very confident with the hind hooves, so I will be practicing with her there.

Day 69: We rode out in the polo field testing out the new shoes, she was sure-footed and non-reactive about the shoes. I was slightly concerned with her clipping herself, but she did not seem to. We ran through our tests with some horses around the “ring” as distractions, but she did wonderful and has me ecstatic for the show this weekend!

Day 70: Short ride day, last ride before the show as I am giving her tomorrow off (aside from bathing and braiding of course). We rode in the indoor arena which was pretty crowded, like I’m sure the warm up at the show will be. Even with rapid transitions and skirting around other riders, she was good and responsive.