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100 Days of Redemption: Days 21-30

“But if we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Yeshua the Messiah, his Son, cleanses us from all sin. If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us the sins, and to Redeem us from all unrighteousness.”

1 John 1: 7-9

Day 21: Rode in the indoor arena today. She was completely bareback for the first time – I forgot how slippery horses are! She was a good girl and was really easy to put into shoulder in and haunches in on the rail. Poles were set up on the ground that we walked and trotted through.

Day 22: This was our last ride before our first show at Snow Bird! We did not work on anything that was not going to be in our test, just on being supple, calm and forward forward forward. This was also our first time standing to have mane pulled and braided by the fabulous Jake Bjork! She was content to munch on hay and let us hand bathe and prune her to our hearts’ content.

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Posing to show off her braids

Day 23: Unfortunately, the weather cancelled the show, but we had a fabulous day with no time constraints since I had dedicated the day to the show. This means we were able to ride all over the property with her new best pony friend – Bentley ridden by Lily. We rode off of the farm across the street to an outdoor ring. I was impressed with her total nonchalant attitude as we approached a gate that opened towards her and left the farm. The outdoor ring was filled with snow like everywhere else, and she had no hesitation even when she stepped and slightly slid on ice (we avoided that corner for safety reasons after discovering it).

We followed Bentley over jumps, and Redemption happily jumped them and cantered out! First time feeling her canter, and it’s lovely.

Practiced our dressage test since we probably won’t be doing Intro if we try again next month. Check it out HERE!

She makes everything magical

And of course I was just thrilled to get photos that at least slightly showed how magical of a day it was 💓

Oh fun fact – she tolerates dogs now, but hates when they sneak up behind her. My dog did just that when I was walking her stirrup-less after a trot set – she bucked at the dog and I popped over to the front of the saddle onto her neck. I contemplated my dismount because surely there would be another buck, but nope – she let me shuffle around to get back in the saddle without any antics.

Day 24: Since she chose to canter yesterday after the cross rail, I lunged walk, trot, canter in the narrow indoor arena – she is so much stronger and more confident! We had my friend, Jake, lunge us. This was her first time with a rider while being lunged, and first time with someone else lunging her. She listened to both of us and we cantered each way – first just the transition into the canter immediately followed by asking for a slow trot, and then cantering a full circle.
The first canter I learned very quickly that my girth was lose – I slipped right off to the outside and she stopped promptly instead of trampling me, and then let us readjust the saddle and remount.

Redemption was a very good girl, she was not stressed even though we encouraged her strongly and had to correct when she fell out the shoulder tracking right.

Day 25: With the past two rides being a lot of information, today was chill: just working on lateral in the indoor arena, and then walking in a free frame around the farm to finish up. I just asked her to be supple, loose, and forward and she obliged.

Day 26: After a day off we rode in the bareback pad in the indoor arena. This was our first time asking for the canter without help from a ground person, she needed to be asked twice for the right lead. She was a calm, good girl even though it was raining outside making the indoor arena really loud.

Day 27: Today we kept it short and simply rode walk, trot and canter both ways. Redemption gave all of the right answers and picked up the canter really easily and cantered around the arena without hesitation. We introduced leg yield at the trot which she did really well.

Day 28: We started out under saddle walk/trot until she was warmed up and moving correctly over the back.

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Then I dismounted and did a little bit of free jumping with the assistance of my friends, Autumn and Taryn. Redemption took a few minutes to understand the concept, but ended clearing 3′!

Clearly more of a jumper than I am…Click Here for short video

Day 29: We had so much fun with my friend Tatum and Elek, riding all over the farm in the fresh snow. Redemption had her first canter in the polo field! I was impressed with her control and obedience, as a wide open space is often temptation to stop listening and let instinct take over. We practiced riding away from and with Elek, both in the field as well as on a short trail. Today was also the first time riding with a flash.


*Please note, this is purely for experience as most dressage riders use a flash. It was so loose that it actually slipped off of her nose half way through the ride. This mare is exceptionally soft in the mouth and light in the hands. She chews, but does not by any means need equipment to obey.*

Day 30: We spent most of our time riding in the polo field today. The footing had melted slightly and then refrozen, so it wasn’t as sound as it was yesterday. Redemption never took a bad step, but I didn’t push it and ask for the canter. We practiced large trot serpentines, working on maintaining tempo when the terrain changes. Finished the ride in the indoor arena and cantered both leads all the way around. Cantering either end of the arena proved to be difficult, but it is asking for a 15 meter circle, which is difficult even for the experienced horse.

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  1. She looks so good!!! It makes my heart so happy to see Redemption doing so well, what a smart and sweet girl she is!!!


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