30 Day Intensive Training with Mascot – Akhal Teke Stallion

Hello friends, family and future friends – For those of you that are not tired of my horsey posts yet, I have another request.
We had so much success with April/May’s project that I am going for round 2 with Mascot as June’s project.
Please follow along, and let me know if you like what you see! Help us make the Akhal Teke an expected breed in equine sports!
Mascot is a 5 year old Akhal-Teke Stallion that I have been working with since November. Until now, I have only worked him once or twice a week, but we have still managed to have remarkable success.
This horse was started with 30 days under Amish training, and I have sinced worked on improved steering, building sensitivity to the leg and seat aids, and listening to me even when there are some pretty fun distractions.
I am so excited for these next 30 rides – With Mascot being a bit hotter than Lucero, I expect this to be even more fruitful than the last project. Ellen Murphy has graciously agreed to teach us once a week, and I think this will go a long way for both Mascot and me.
Stay tuned to see how we handle distractions including mares, trains, dogs, and cars; we will also be mastering creek crossing and ground work.
Too pumped to wait? Check out Lucero’s blog to see how the first project went: https://lucero30dayintensivetraining.wordpress.com/