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Lucero – 4 Year Old Akhal-Teke Stallion

Family and friends- I have a request- my good friend Cindy Sither has given me a wonderful opportunity to train one of her young Akhal-Teke stallions from the convenience of my local farm.

I will be posting for 30 days to show this horse’s progress and potential for equestrian sports. The Akhal-Teke breed is beautiful and talented as a whole, but they are also rare in general and downright sparse in the United States. Akhal-Tekes have a unique personality with an intelligence that enables them to excel in nearly every discipline. The end goal here is to raise awareness of this wonderful breed, and provide a reliable place for anyone to be introduced to the Akhal-Tekes as a whole.

So – what am I asking? Please like,comment or share my post. Even if you yourself are not involved in the equestrian world, the more we can reach with this opportunity, the better!

Cindy’s operation -Spring Hollow Farm- is tagged here as well- please like the page for more Akhal-Teke posts and information!

Spring Hollow Farm offers several stallions standing at stud, upcoming foals that will be for sale, and a new riding program designed to introduce people to the breed while creating confident and competent riders.

Thank you all for reading this exceptionally long post, and for lending your support by sharing! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it!

**And through it all- all glory to God- He is the giver of every good thing, and I could not do anything without His abundant grace!**

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