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When I first met Sarah I had maybe ridden a horse 5 times in my life. I loved them and always dreamed of having one of my own but knew very little about them. She took me in and was instantly an amazing teacher. Safety first is always her motto. Before I ever got on she taught me safety on the ground, this is something a lot of trainers do not take the time to do. Sarah takes every step slow and is the most patient person I have ever met. Her focus on safety and balance gives you a solid foundation for any type of riding. From walk, trot, and canter to lateral movement and jumping she was there every step of the way. Every lesson she left me with something new to work on. I love riding with her because she makes learning so fun! She always emphasized doing something fun in the lesson to give the horses a break. Yes, she pushes you but she takes you and the horses’ well-being into account every step of the way.

When I became confident enough to get my own horse she took it upon herself to personally help me. Every horse I liked we went and tried. She rode them first then let me. We tried many, many horses. Finally, we found the one. His name is Joker and I have had him for almost three years now. Without Sarah my dream of having a horse would still be just that, a dream. I was so blessed to have met her and I recommend her 100% to anyone and everyone no matter what level of rider they are! She is truly amazing!

-Kylie Steele

I had a wonderful opportunity to have Strider come out and spend a long weekend doing a riding boot camp with me and my 3 horses! It was the best thing I have ever done for my equitation! We rode each horse everyday! So I got some lessons in the morning and then again in the evening. Strider has this amazing way of explaining on the ground what my body is doing wrong, or right and what that is telling the horse! My favorite thing about how she instructs is her constant feedback! I am never left wondering if I am doing it wrong or right and when I get it right and the horse does something great, she is almost more excited than I am about it! She taught me so much in just 3 days that left me so motivated to increase the times I ride in a week! She took a lot of videos so I can watch myself ride and review all the information before I go out to ride again. It was also crazy to see how much my seat had improved over the 3 days. She also gave me some massage and stretching tips for the horses which I also appreciated! In my opinion you could not have a better instructor for my level!

-Amanda Marshall


Highly recommend Strider for horse training for any age or level of horse or rider! She has worked with many different horses at my farm from slow and lazy to extremely nervous. She always trains to help them with their individual issues. Great horsemanship. Knowledgeable from saddle fitting to training issues.

-Rita Nicholson with Steps and Strides

8 thoughts on “Success Stories

  1. I have never really had a consistent trainer in the horse industry.
    Strider is my dressage trainer- and I couldn’t be happier. She has corrected many mistakes my horse and I have had. I have seen results and have referred her to my friends, where I have continued to see their results!
    She strives to make each lesson very infomative and successful.
    I highly recommend taking a lesson with her- you won’t want to stop riding!!

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  2. Strider came out and started giving lessons to me several months ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. We started out not being able to get even one step of collection in or even any bend at all. Now we have full collection and suppleness! Strider is an amazing teacher that will push you to be the best you and your horse can be. All the while, being extremely encouraging! She can see the slightest area of tension and teach you how to relax and move more freely, which in turn, relaxes the horse. I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking an instructor to greatly improve their riding!

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  3. As a trainer myself, I hold my instructors to relatively high standards. Strider’s explanations and demonstrations of what she’s trying to convey are second to none. Her way of communicating helps my “lightbulb” go off! Having moved to Kentucky just two years ago, I’ve taken quite a few lessons with other trainers but Strider’s style is by far the best. We’re happy with our trainer and you will be too!

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  4. I have only been receiving lessons from Strider for a little less than a month now. However, in that short amount of time not only has she changed my horses life for the better but mine as well. During the first lesson was when I knew she was unlike any other trainers I have had or encountered. She pushed me in ways that at the time made me uncomfortable, but later left me hoping to do it again the next lesson. How Strider cares so much about how to better the horse and rider as a whole is not something too many trainers have. Her style is efficient yet unexpected. She will keep you on your toes! The results that come from her work have left me with a more in-tune, engaged, and controlled horse. I am excited to continue working with her and see what more is in store for me and my horse.

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  5. I would recommend guided strides to any rider looking to improve their riding skills as well as their communication with their horse. I took a lesson from Strider last week, it was the first formal lesson I’ve taken in months so I honestly felt rusty. Strider was able to quickly assess my riding ability and created a lesson plan to both challenge me and teach me new skills. Strider is incredibly encouraging and patient, willing to explain the techniques of classical dressage. She explains concepts in multiple ways and knows how to communicate easily and cater to my learning style! I loved riding her horse Redemption and was impressed at how purely the horse responded to my cues- teaching me what I was doing wrong by responding honestly to the cue I was giving her, whether that was right or wrong. Aside from basic walk trot canter, Strider worked with me on shoulder-in and haunches-in both at the walk and trot, side-passing, and transitions from trot to canter and canter to walk. She was patient as I asked clarifying questions and worked with me to learn the correct cues! At the end of the lesson she gave me some stretches to try to help my legs be more comfortable in the correct position. All around a wonderful lesson! It is clear that Strider has a passion for instructing and genuinely enjoys communicating riding skills to those she teaches. I would highly recommend her to any age or skill level!

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  6. I was looking for someone to help me train my Kentucky Mountain type mare for Equine Trail Sports (ETS) competitions and trail riding. I specifically wanted some instruction on doing lateral work like sidepassing and turns on the hindquarters and forehand, because those maneuvers will be called for in the ETS rides. My mare is gaited and was very out of shape. I was not sure whom to contact because she doesn’t fit into a standard niche and I am wary of the methods I often see used on gaited horses – I wanted to find someone whose methods are based in dressage. I asked a friend who has been making great progress with her Arabian mare with the help of an instructor, and she referred me to Sarah. I am glad I asked!

    What I appreciate about Sarah is that she listens to me to understand my goals and my horse. Instead of taking a cookie-cutter approach, she has worked to develop a unique training plan for us that incorporates my goals with exercises she teaches us. She can demonstrate by riding my mare or coach from the ground. Her explanations are clear and easy to follow. She has given me instruction and “homework” to help my mare use herself better and get stronger. I am starting to see visible improvements in my mare’s physique after about 5 weeks of working with Sarah. My riding is improving too!

    Finally, it is great to work with someone who trains horses with an understanding of how learning theory works and thus, how to reinforce correct responses and be patient when a horse is offering incorrect responses, but making an effort. This rational, methodical approach to training is kinder and less confusing for the horse and will help shape a good attitude towards its work.

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